Auto Insurance Quotes and Different States

In some states, the cost of living is much higher than in other states. This has to do with land and home value, average wage and population density. These factors can often affect your car insurance rates too. In fact, some states have much higher rates than others, so it's a good idea to compare rates before your next big move.

Deciding Factors

Your insurance quotes are always decided by a number of different factors, no matter where you live. However, some states have circumstances that tend to edge premiums higher than for other regions.

Right now, the most expensive state in which to get car insurance coverage is Michigan. Michigan, as one of the states hit hardest by the current recession, currently has a very high unemployment rate. Studies show that there is a correlation between unemployment and the percentage of uninsured drivers. In Michigan, this connection is reflected in the extremely high car insurance rates, due in part to the large number of uninsured drivers on the road. Additionally, Michigan state laws guarantee unlimited coverage for personal injury, also called PIP, up to $480,000 per person. These generous coverage mandates are reflected in the inflated costs for insurance that are passed on to all Michigan policyholders.

The second most expensive state for car insurance premiums is Louisiana. Like Michigan, Louisiana has a lot of unemployment currently, which means a lot of uninsured drivers on the road. The court system in Louisiana also has a tendency to hand out very impressive verdicts in car accident cases that end up going to trial, and these costs that are absorbed by the insurance companies are then passed on to other policyholders.

Oklahoma comes in third on the list of most expensive states in which to buy auto insurance. Like numbers one and two on that list, Oklahoma reports a very high percentage of uninsured drivers on the road, up to 25 percent. Extreme weather conditions in the state are another reason auto insurance quotes may be higher priced in Oklahoma. Sitting in the heart of tornado country, Oklahoma also sees freak weather events like hail storms that cause major damage to cars. The claims filed for benefits due to weather put a financial strain on insurance companies, which is mitigated somewhat by hiking up everyone's insurance rates across the state.

Saving on Insurance

There are states where cheap auto insurance quotes are the norm, as well. Vermont and South Carolina both encourage competitive rates among insurance companies, so providers have greater incentive to keep premiums low. Both states also have low levels of traffic congestion combined with a lot of rural countryside. There are very few traffic lawsuits filed in either South Carolina or Vermont. All of these combine to allow insurance providers to deliver very cheap auto insurance quotes to residents of these states.

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Asthma origin and its prevention: from historic times till now

Considered by many as an often frightening experience, an asthma attack is something that sufferers of the condition or those who have loved ones with asthma should always be prepared for.

Asthma is a condition first recorded by the ancient Chinese. It was described in a 2600 BC text as "noisy breathing". It was only in 400 BC however that the term asthma was coined. Hippocrates used the Greek term "Asthma" which directly translates to "wind" because of the respiratory disease's occurrence whenever the wind blows therefore identifying the relationship of the condition to a person's environment. It has been suggested that Hippocrates was the first allergist. During the time of Alexander the Great, some of his men smoked an anticholinergic agent in the form of the herb stramonium to relax their lungs. This means that an asthma attack or asthma in general is definitely not new. Apart from the gasping or the breathlessness, it was also determined that this attack can happen after running or toiling. It was even mentioned in the Code of Hammurabi as breathlessness i.e. as said in the code, "If a man's lungs pant with his work." (1792-1750 BC)

In 50 AD, Pliny the Elder saw that it's not just the environment in particular that causes respiratory difficulty but certain things in particular - pollen being Pliny the Elder's culprit. Pliny suggested that those who suffer from asthma drink lots of wine for its ephedra content.

So how does asthma occur and how can Prednisone help asthmatic patients?

Although the condition has been known for almost three millennia, there are still millions of people in the US alone who suffer from the condition. Science has come a long way however in understanding the triggers of asthma-associated breathlessness. One has to note though that this respiratory problem does not have a treatment and all doctors can do is to treat or alleviate its symptoms and to determine the triggers of attacks in patients with severe asthma. Do we know how asthma works though? To understand how it works one must know how normal lungs work. From the mouth and nose, air goes to the trachea - the tube that connects the mouth and the nose to the lungs. The lungs is divided into the right and left bronchus. The trachea wall is made up of very smooth muscle to keep the airways open. However in the case of those with asthma, whenever there is an allergen, these smooth muscles swell - making it difficult for air to pass through hence shortness of breath or for those with severe asthma breathlessness occurs.

Asthma is an incapacitating condition but thanks to drugs like Prednisone, those who have the respiratory inflammatory disorder can lead normal lives. Prednisone is a corticosteroid that helps in reducing inflammation that is why it is an effective medication given to patients suffering from respiratory problems that involves an inflamed trachea. Because of its ability to reduce or get rid of inflammation, Prednisone is also an effective treatment for other diseases that cause inflammation of certain parts of the body.

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Viagra history or how scientists came to the oral ED treatment

In simple words, what a Viagra pill does is enable a sexually charged up male to get an erection in spite of being impotent. The story of the drug is amazing - it is a wonderful account of how technology and modern scientific progress can manipulate the human body and make it behave in a particular way under certain circumstances.

Though the solution to impotency is just over two decades old, the problem of sterile men was deep rooted in history, which initially led to penis injection inventions.

It was in the year 1983 that scientists finally established that the erection problem in men was chemical, as opposed to being a mental phenomenon as was widely believed. In the famous 1983 session of the American Urological Association congregation meeting, a well-known scientist Dr. Giles Brindley, injected his penis with a dose of phentolamine, a chemical that caused a heady increase in blood flow to the penis. He dropped his pants and the dumbfounded congregation caught the first glimpse of an artificially induced erection without female presence, proving that penis erections are chemical and not sexual.

The concept behind the injections involved loosening the constricted penis muscles so it absorbs more of blood flow and inflates, hardening itself in the process. Penis injections did not need sexual charge to get erections in men and though many men flocked to get these drugs injected into their penis, they weren't happy about the soreness and pain they were subjected to. Thus, the way to Viagra was paved in the early 1990s.

Pfizer, a US company, undertook research on methods to cure angina, a condition where there is restricted blood flow to different parts of the body and the presence of PDE further clogging the cGMP compounds built up to facilitate blood flow. They, of course, didn't know they were on their way to producing a legend pill!

After years of combined effort, the team discovered a drug, Sildenafil, which was believed to increase blood flow, reduce PDE formation, increase cGMP, and build up nitric oxide. Excited, the team decided to test impotent Ivan Jackson who reported a sudden increase in his penis erection after consuming the pill. Sildenafil was named Viagra and packaged in blue colored diamond-shaped drug tablets to cure impotency in men.

Viagra vs. penis injections

Unlike penis injections, men no longer require inflicting pain on their physique to achieve an erection. Consuming the pill is harmless and if taken under medical supervision, has very few adverse effects produced in the body. Moreover, penis injections produced erections devoid of sexual charge. This pill, on the contrary, will work only if you are sexually attracted to your partner, which is a new lease of life to many males around, incapable of experiencing what it is like to get themselves hardened after beholding a beauty!

There is still a lot of work and research going on to reduce the adverse effects of the drug, so hopefully, this is not the end of the story.

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